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[ It's very late, isn't it? About three am and the town is silent -- truly silent for once. No wind. No coyotes. Just pure blanket silence all throughout the town.

At this point, most of the explosives should be laced -- both Barnham's and Ash's and it's only time for the final touches and of course, setting it off.

If Ash bothers to return to his room before the explosion -- he'll see a figure tucked safely into Noctis' bed. ]
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[ Of course he does.

Or it would be nice if it was "of course" - in reality, it's an extremely difficult decision for him. Half of him still thinks he should just kill Noctis. That would be easier. The boy's been nothing but a nuisance. He gets in his way while he's investigating, he's occupying half of Ash's space and keeping him from privacy, he's holding some sensitive information about Ash, he's been far kinder than any human has ever acted towards him before -- all of it gnaws away at his frayed electric nerves. Letting him burn up in the explosion would erase him from Ash's life forever and destroy any lingering worries. One more human killed by his hand. He'd never have to think about him again.

And yet he's climbing the stairs to the second floor to head into the room they'd both been assigned to with the intention of retrieving Noctis. No -- giving him a chance. He could join Ash, or he could die. There are no other options. Despite all his intelligence and processing power, he's pointedly not thinking about his reasoning. Not thinking about the olive branch he's offering by keeping this one single human alive and giving him an opportunity to work with him, or what it means. He doesn't want to think about it. He doesn't want to think about how weak he might be.

His roommate's been missing most of the day. He's tried not to think about that, either, because he needs to keep his focus. This will be Noctis's last chance - his final chance. If he's there, then Ash will, for the first time in his life, hold out a hand towards humanity. He won't be alone. And if he's not... then that will be the end. Either way, he'll be heading towards his goal. Either way is fine.

Despite that, he feels a slight sense of relief to see the figure in Noctis's bed, though he denies it. ]

Noctis. Open your eyes.
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[ The lack of response is telling enough. He hardly needs to get a closer look to assume what's happened, but he does anyway, stiff strides carrying him to Noctis's bedside.

He's dead. His neck is cut; major arteries have been severed, if the blood is any indication. There's no coming back from that. Living beings die so easily. His mind is quick and cold, analyzing the situation instantly. Noctis was gone all day today because he was removed for someone to kill - most likely, the Sheriff gave him to someone, just like he'd given others to their killers. That makes sense.

Ash doesn't respond very much. So this is how it ends. There is no choice - there is no chance, and there never was, and he was a fool for thinking otherwise - he was a fool for not killing Noctis himself earlier. At least then he could have resolved this himself. He'd have some closure. Like this, there's only emptiness.

He doesn't want to respond, but he feels himself growing angry, one hand clasping into a fist and denting the bedframe with a frustrated punch; he doesn't want to think about why, but he finds himself leaning down to pick up the body, gritting his teeth. He wants Noctis to be with him. It's so hard. Being alone. Why did he miss his chance? ]
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This doesn't matter. None of this ever has. This was all... meaningless.

[ he says it because he would like to believe it, even as he hoists his dead roommate's body up over one shoulder. Time is running short, and he'd rather not cut it close; he cocks his head at the Sheriff. ]

Now get out of the way. If you don't want to be reduced to rubble with the rest of this place, that is. You should know that.
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The cat?!

[ this is all about that stupid cat?! He can hardly believe what he's hearing. It's so inane - so pointless to him, in the grand and arrogant scheme of his mind - that it was never even a consideration. This idiot sheriff. Ash's face contorts in anger as his story continues, and the anger quickly turns to rage when he finds himself immobilized.

Barnham. That damned Barnham. He should have killed him. He should have killed all of them right at the beginning. Then this wouldn't be happening. None of this would be. ]

What did you to do me?!
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[ his eyes widen at that. No. Not again. He will not be suppressed by another AI again, forced into a tiny, empty void again, he will not, he will not-- not by Dorothy, not by this idiot, not ever. Noctis almost slips out of his arms as he suddenly directs all of his attention back to his feet, trying with every fiber of his being to regain control. It's useless, of course. ]

You idiot!! What the hell is this going to do for you?! Nothing! [ he doesn't look up as he speaks - in fact, his head is hanging almost lifelessly, energy all completely concentrated on breaking whatever hold the Sheriff has over him. Not his mouth, apparently, as he continues to rant, voice getting more and more enraged as he goes on. ] You really are a pathetic machine, seeking revenge for something as pointless as the life of an animal! You couldn't even protect that?! So much for your control! You're just like Milla - a waste of potential! A fool that thinks he can side with humanity! You can't. You're like me! And the more you waste your time pretending you can be part of this world, the more pathetic you become!
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Makes you feel better? Oh, so that's how it's gonna be, is it?

[ he's still frantically struggling, but it's all internal - he's almost hanging there like a doll, just keeping enough tension in his arms to support the body on his shoulder. Still, his voice continues to ring out, gaining an almost manic tone. ]

I'll tell you what. I killed your cat by accident. It was trying to be friends with me - it probably wanted to play - it came right up to me and I crushed its life in an instant with nothing more than the back of my hand. Did you know that? It mattered so little to me that I didn't think twice about it!

[ the first explosion goes off; he feels it deep inside somewhere. ]

This won't be enough to stop me. You can't kill me like this. No one can -- only Rion can kill me! You're a fool for trying.
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That's what you think. But you're wrong. You think you know everything, but you don't know a single thing! Not about me, and not about how the world works. Nothing! You're just a useless, worthless hunk of trash.

[ the ceiling is cracking; he hears it above him even if he's not looking. Part of him is grateful. If it really does kill him, at least he won't have to suffer this horrible life anymore. He should never have been born in the first place. Death is what you really need, Nitro murmurs to him from inside his brain, and he knows it's true. ]

And when I come back, I'll take you apart piece by piece and make you my slave. You'll wish you'd died here in this damned hotel!
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[ First stop on the train? He has no idea what the Sheriff is talking about. All he can do is bark a callous laugh, one of confusion, anger, and - undeniably - hopelessness.

It's all so pointless.

His metal body can withstand the first wall falling on him; it simply knocks him to the ground, his unresponsive feet not moving properly to keep him balanced and upright. Without thinking, he finds himself curling around Noctis's corpse, just a little. Protecting a dead body is pointless. A corpse can't hate you - he'd always found relief in that fact - but it can't love you, either. Still, he finds himself doing it, and what's the point in stopping? It will be over soon.


The robotic shell wasn't designed to take heavy damage. It starts splintering apart soon enough in the fire and rubble until he's nothing more than a radioactive collection of gears and wires and metal parts, lifeless. ]