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You wake, gently stirred by the hum of the train and sun shining down through the window. You may be next to a friend or a total stranger, also coming to as the train horn blares and it slowly begins to pull into a station. Any questions are met with equal levels of puzzlement and eventually, the train has stopped and all you can do is get off.

Where are you? And how in the world did you get here?

On the platform is a portly man with a thick beard, pressing tobacco into his pipe as he watches everyone's dismount, silently counting the number of arrivals. When everyone is off, he seems satisfied and with a warm smile, he tips his hat.

"Howdy. Hope you're ready to play."

[community profile] robowest is a short-term mafia-style murdergame taking place in a futuristic version of the Wild, Wild West. Characters arrive in a dusty old Western town, empty aside from a lone robotic Sheriff. From there, they're tasked with killing each other weekly with no clear reason why other than 1) The Sheriff's entertainment and 2) to prove they deserve to live at all.



This game will be based off the mafia party game, with a few twists to adapt it towards RP. If you're unfamiliar with the style, worry not! It's pretty easy to pick up, especially after a few days of play.

The basic premise is that characters will be killed weekly by other character within the game and a few select characters have been specifically chosen to be the killers. Through the course of the game, non-killer characters are tasked with figuring out who exactly is pushing events along and how to get themselves out of this situation before their own number is up. Some characters will be given ROLES (explained more in depth below) and those roles will either hurt or help the group overall. Trials will happen after every murder where characters will be tasked to figure out the culprit.

An important theme in Robowest specifically is merit. The Sheriff will encourage characters to participate quite a lot (and the type of participation there varies). Involvement in the game will be rewarded to characters by the Sheriff in rewards that can have incredible impact on their lives back home or even in game. Involvement does not specifically mean murder, but how skillfully and thoughtfully a character navigates their way through the course of the game, even if they do die in the end. Death, for the Sheriff, does not mean a player has lost -- as long as they live exceptionally well.

The game schedule for Robowest is as follows:

MONDAY - THURSDAY: A mingle post will be posted 12 PM EST Monday morning and will allow the characters to interact with each other and the town. Sometimes weekly events will be posted via the mod account to alert the characters to things happening within the game but mostly this post is used for strengthening ties and exploring the world.

FRIDAY: At 6 PM EST the investigation post will go up for the week where characters will discover that week's victim(s). Mod comments will be given to characters investigating and while not many clues will be provided, enough will be to give an account of the crime scene for players to mull over during the trial.

SATURDAY: Trials in Robowest will last 1 day ICly. The trial will be posted at 12 PM EST and voting will close at 9 PM EST. The characters will be given the entire day to think over facts and come to a consensus on who the culprit is. Majority vote will pick the character to be executed. After the culprit is chosen, they will be arrested and taken back to the Sheriff's station for their last meal.

SUNDAY: Execution day! The execution will be posted at 2 PM EST and characters will have the entire previous night to either vote for or volunteer another character as executioner. The executioner will be given the choice of how to kill the culprit and if they refuse, they will be punished. The Sheriff will always recommend processes of executions, either hangings or duels but the choice will be ultimately left up to the executioner.

MONDAY: Then it starts all over again!

There are other role specific schedules too but those will be given to the players when they've accepted their roles during the first week of the game.

And if this is still a bit too confusing, no worries! It really does make more sense after a day or two. The most important part is to just be present and enjoy yourself.



Roles will be given out after applications have been accepted and set up during the first week of the game (before the first trial). While there are special IC privileges given to the characters of these roles, that should not limit what these characters or other characters without roles do within the course of the game. To put it simply: you aren't bound by your role! So, do whatever the heck feels most fun with it.

INVESTIGATIVE ROLE: These characters will be given abilities that will aid them in finding out what's going on behind the scenes in the game. They will be able to investigate one other character in the game each week, to be voted on by the players of that role. The extent of the investigation will be chosen by those players and whether this helps them or not depends on what the players do with the information given.

More information on this role will be given to the players chosen at game start.

PROTECTIVE ROLE: This players in this role will be given the ability to either protect a character or make them even more vulnerable for a night. Those protected will be unable to be killed that week while those more vulnerable will be more likely to. Players chosen will be alerted sometime during the week to set that up.

More information on this role will be given to the players chosen at game start.

SPECIAL ITEM/REVIVAL ROLE: This players of this role will be given the ability to give the players (or themselves) a special item that week to help them either through the course of the week or at the trial. Another twist to this role is they will be given the ability to, just once, revive one dead player will full memories intact. That character will only be able to be revived after the trial surrounding their murder.

More information on this role will be given to the players chosen at game start.

Robowest also has two different "killer" groups.

BANDITS: Each week two different characters become "bandits" and have been tasked with killing another character in the game. If they do and successfully pull off the murder, they will be rewarded as they choose. This is essentially a "rolling mafia" group.

BOUNTIES: Bounties are different and function as the traditional mafia group (with a few twists) and have more long term reward/high stakes at being caught. This role and how it functions will be left mostly a mystery until the players of this role have been chosen.

EVERYONE ELSE: If you don't have a role, there's still plenty to do! Being sure in your lack of secrets gives a character plenty of reason to dig into everyone else's. If you have nothing to hide, then it's time to make sure no one else does too, right? There's also the higher likelihood that you'll be chosen to be a bandit over the course of the game. Good luck!



During trials, characters will be expected to vote for who they think the killer is. As described in the schedule, they will have until 9 PM EST to vote. Depending on how discussion flows, extensions can be granted up till 11 PM EST. OOCly, voting works as a form of activity check. Those who do not vote will be killed off shortly after, unless they contact the moderator first.

After this vote, characters will be given another which will last from the end of the trial until the execution post the next day. This vote will determine who the executioner will be and is entirely in the hands of the characters. This will be a brief role given to a character and depending on how well they accomplish it, they might qualify for a reward later on.

Also to note is the suggestion box outside of the Sheriff's station. Giving suggestions to the Sheriff is an entirely optional process but does carry weight that will effect the entire town. At first, characters will be given a choice of what exactly to name the town through this suggestion box but can effect the game in other, larger ways as the game progresses. For instance, if enough characters suggest a snowstorm hit the town, the Sheriff will be more than happy to oblige. With enough suggestions, entire mechanics of how the town works can be changed through the characters. That's the entire purpose of the box.



How will I know when/where to vote?

Voting posts will be posted in [personal profile] sheriffexe, along with all posts that aren't mingle posts or related to the trials.

What is the pacing of the game?

1 OOC Day = 1 IC Day. Monday is Monday, Tuesday is Tuesday, etc. The weekly mingle posts are for CR building and exploration and therefore don't have as much pressure to tag as the investigation/trial posts. Those will be posted Fri-Sun and everyone is expected to be there and participate during those times.

How long will the game last?

2-3 Months. While the Sheriff says the killings will continue until only 1 person is left, there are other factors in the game that will most likely put the length of time to 3 months at most. Character action can, of course, have the game ending much earlier than that.

What if I need to drop halfway through?

Please let me know as soon as possible so I can work with you to have your character have a fitting end and still tie it into the progression of the game! I also ask you to consider this possibility before apping. Dropping mid-way does tend to cause hiccups in gameplay and if it's likely to come up for you, this game might not be a good fit!



With Robowest revolving around the idea of "earning your keep" so to speak, activity is a must! ICly, the Sheriff will be keeping an eye on who's not participating in the game with mechanics built in to encourage them to be. OOCly, I ask that all players try and be as involved as they can since the game won't work if players aren't. If you have a role, you will be expected to be around more often than not -- not to the point it eats your social life, but for weekends and when role related events happen, it would be preferable to have everyone there!

Still, if RL happens as it's wont to do, please contact me via either the game plurk or my personal plurk so I can work with you! Especially if something comes up during the weekend when characters are expected to be around even more than during the week. As it is, if you do not vote without prior informing me of your absence, your character will be killed.



01. Your character will most likely die. Part of the fun of games like these is the risk of your character being up on the chopping block so often. By joining the game, you automatically agree to that risk. Worry not, the dead will still have their own roles to play as the game goes on!

02. Powers have been completely nerfed through the course of the game. All items brought from home have also been nerfed. If your character is non-human, they will be at the same strength levels as everyone else in the game to make the competition fair.

03. If you have a role, please keep it a secret! It's a lot of fun to share what your character is up to with your friends but it'll take away some of the surprise out of the game in the process. Everything will be revealed eventually so... might as well enjoy the ride!

04. As described in the activity requirements above, activity is a expected! This type of game doesn't work if players don't play. And as a result of the game's theme, inactivity/a lack of proactiveness will be taken into account ICly. If you're struggling to think of ways to get your character involved, please contact me and I'll be happy to help!

05. Please be kind to your fellow players. This type of rp style does foster a sense of competitiveness but if you feel yourself getting a bit too heated over something, please take a step back or shoot me a message with any concerns you have. I'm here to make this game as smooth and fun as possible, so communication is key!